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ZOO 2090
Fred Laberge

Lecture 13 - Discuss the different hypotheses about the origin of modern amphibians - Contrast form and function of the three groups of living amphibians - 1. The main characteristics of Lissamphibia and the distinguishing features between the three extant orders - 2. The problems relating to the origins of modern amphibians Lecture 14 - Describe adaptations that enabled successful colonization of the terrestrial habitat - Identify the different amniote skull types - Describe the changes in the skeleton that helped with terrestrial locomotion in tetrapods - 1. The main adaptations associated with terrestrial life in amniotes - 2. The patterns of amniote skull fenestration Lecture 15 - Discuss the origin of mammals - Describe the characteristics of mammals and how they helped them succeed as a group - 1. The trends in synapsid evolution that led to mammals - 2. The characteristics of mammals Lecture 16 - Highlight the diversity of extinct and living sauropsids - Describe the adaptations that enab
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