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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1410
Jennifer Mcleese

Muscle Origin Insertion Action Muscles of Anterior Hip & Thigh Iliopsoas iliacus iliac fossa and crest, femur prime mover for flexing thigh or for flexing ala of sacrum trunk on thigh as above, also flexes psoas major transverse processes femur vertebral column laterally lumbar vertebrate, T 12 steadies knee and trunk on thigh by making Tensor fasciae latae iliotibial tract taut iliac crest, iliac spine iliotibial tract* Quadriceps femoris extends knee and flexes thigh at hip rectus femoris iliac spine patella, tibial tuberosity entends and stabilizes acetabulum knee as for rectus femoris vastus lateralis extends knee trochanter linea aspera as for rectus femoris vastus medialis linea aspera intertrochanteric line flexes, abducts and laterally rotates thigh supracondylar lines knee, proximal tibia adducts, flexes and Sartorius iliac spine medially rotates leg trochanter, linea aspera, adducts, flexes and Pectineus pubis femur medially rotates thigh linea aspera adducts and medially rotates and flexes thigh Adductor longus pubis near pubic symphysis linea aspera adducts thigh, flexes Adductor magnus ishial and pubis rami, femur and medially rotates leg ishial tuberosity ramus, pubis and ischial tibia Gracilis ramus BIOL1410 ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY Laboratory 5 October 24, 2013 Muscle Origin Insertion Action Muscles
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