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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 2520
Steve Whyard

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Questions from studentsSunday Dec 1 Q1 lecture 25 page 7 what does independent locomotionmean The singlecelled organisms move by cilia and flagella butmulticellular organisms move by independent locomotionAns Independent locomotion simply refers to the ability of a cell to move on its own without help from other cells It is different from coordinated movement of groups of cells such as that seen by muscle cells which work as a groupQ2 Are microtubules nucleated in centriolesAns Yes But some cells lack centrioles and the microtubules are then nucleated in other less distinct MTOCsQ3 lecture 26 Are Nexin bridges always present between doubletsAns The nature of nexins attachment to the doublets is not fully understood Some studies have indicated that it breaks contact as the dyneins walk while others suggest it stretches Without a full story all that you need to know right now is that nexin assists in keeping the doublets of the axoneme togetherQ4 lecture 30 page 16 Is this paragraph right For immunotherapy we harvest cells from tumours then treat them with IL2After treating with IL2 the tumour cells convert to immunoresponsive cells Then we reintroduce these cells back to bodyAnsNot exactly We harvest and culture the tumour cells along with some cells closely associated with the tumour By treating with cytokines you stimulate whatever lympohocytes are present to proliferate these cells are present everywhere so you will harvest them along with the cancer cells Some of the lymphocytes will have the ability to attach the cancer cel
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