BIOL 120 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cytokinesis, Organelle, Mitosis

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14 Oct 2014

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Under low power your specimen is illuminated well. However, when you switch to high power the light is too dim. Name the microscope part that is labeled b . Give the name of the plant cell organelle that enables it to do photosynthesis. Give one other organelle of a plant that is not found in an animal cell. The movement of molecules from a region of high molecule concentration into a region of lower molecule concentrations called ________________. The membrane between sides a and b is permeable to the particles. A sample of raw potato is placed in a beaker of distilled water. After a period of time, the weight of the sample will be expected to have _____. The diffusion of solute molecules across a selectively permeable membrane is called __________. The diffusion of solvent molecules across a selectively permeable. If in our dialysis experiment we had filled the dialysis bag with a.

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