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BIOL 224 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Trochanter, Faraday Cage, Mechanoreceptor

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BIOL 224
Tracy Marchant
Study Guide

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Lab #1:
Q: Why does pulse amplitude spike momentarily when ice is removed from arm?
A: The body tries to compensate for loss of blood flow when the ice is placed on the arm
Q: why does pulse amplitude increase as ice is removed from arm?
A: As ice is removed, blood vessels dilate, which results in an increase in pulse amplitude
Q: Why does pulse amplitude decrease when ice is placed on the arm?
A: When ice is added to the arm, blood vessels decrease in size, causing a decrease in pulse
Q: Crickets are _________ that are dependent upon external sources for body heat.
A: Ectotherms
Q: What causes ventricles to contract?
A: Depolarization of the myocardial cells in the ventricles
Q: What do we use to measure the pulses of blood moving through the arteries?
A: Plethysmograph
Q: Located within the ______ there are specialized sensory receptors that are sensitive to
changes in temperature.
A: Dermis
Q: Once activated, these peripheral thermoreceptors send signals to the ____________ that in
turn causes a physiological change that includes an alteration in blood flow.
A: Hypothalamus
Q: The volume of blood traveling through arteries can be increased or decreased by...
A: Altering the diameter of the arteries
Q: When arteries located in peripheral tissues undergo __________there is less blood supplied to
the tissue and a decrease in pulse amplitude is observed as a result of the decrease in peripheral
blood flow.
A: Vasoconstriction
Q: _________ of peripheral arteries results in an increase in peripheral blood flow and an
increase in the amount of blood supplied to those tissues.
A: Vasodilation
Q: The x axis represents the ______ variable and the y axis represents the _______ variable
A: x = Independent y = Dependent
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