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Phsi Midterm 1 Questions (pg 170 ch5 questions)
a) 150mM NaCl plus 150mM urea
- first change units (to osmoles)
- 1M NaCl = 2osmoles of solute (b/c dissociation)
- so we have
- 3mosmoles of Na/Cl and 1.5mosmoles urea
- hyperosmotic (as soon as its in beaker, before it moves), isotonic (concentrations
after stuff moves)
b) 100mM NaCl plus 150mM urea
- out: 200mOsm NaCl plus 150mOsm urea = 350mOsm
- cell: 300mOsm NaCl plus 150mOsm urea = 450mOsm
- hyperosmotic, hypotonic
2. Lipid rafts are NOT
a) areas of the membrane in solvent state ------ (its in gel state?)
b) microdomains of cell membrane
c) examples of membrane compartmentalization
d) both b and c
cholesterol + sphingo = packed tightly together in rafts
3. Phone = C
4. Phone = D
Last day b4 MT
7. APs porpogate due to the migration of Na ions to the next adjacent area of the
membrane, which takes the membrane potential to threshold Phone = true
12. Phone = C b/c oxygen = non-polar and membrane phospholipids = non-polar
15. Phone = E
19. Phone = D
20. Phone = A (true)
21. Phone = A
22. Oligodendrocytes = B (glial cells that form myelin in CNS)
end of ch5 hyperosmotic examples
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