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Study Guides for BIOL 228 at University of Saskatchewan

An Introduction to Ecology and Ecosystems

BIOL 228 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Survivorship Curve, Ernst Haeckel, Assortative Mating

1. ecology scientific study of relationships between organisms and their environment coined by Ernst Haeckel from Greek work oikos, meaning house 2. environment - all external factors that influence a populatio...

BIOL 228
Philip D.Mc Loughlin
BIOL 228 Quiz: Marine Ecosystems

Marine Ecosystems Coastal Ecosystems (life in shallow waters) Kelp Forests Found in waters between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. .Coral reefs found at warmer waters. Kelp forests off the west and east coast of Canada Thrive in...

BIOL 228
Hudson Jeff
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