Final Exam Review Includes a summary of the guest lecture given for the last three lectures of the course.

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KIN 255
Karen Van Ooteghem

Guest Lecture The DISordered Central Nervous system am McIlroy Damage lo the central nervous system commonly leads Ho problems With 1. sensation and/or 2. movement control specific problems depend on whott specific, parts of the CNS are damaged 3. Basal Gang a Regions of the CNG I. Cortex 2. cerebellum W. spinal cord movement Disorders. l. Hypo nesia slaw or diminished movements Akinesla inability to init ICHe movements Brordytnesio- abhormal slowness mavaments 2. Hyper kinescu- exaggerated or increase movements 3. Dyskinesia difficulty in controlling naement, conormal movement Piega paralysis Hemiplegia paralysis on one side of bod y Parciplegra paralysis of lower limbs Guadrapegia- parol Usis of all limbs a. Paresis weakness Hemiparesis weabmess on ome side of body
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