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Microbiology and Immunology
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MCIM 326
Sydney Hayes

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MpfMobilizable Plasmid Transfer Plasmid encoding Mpf systemcoupling proteinCoupling protein facing cytosol signals relaxase Attacks TyrOH bond swap Pdiester bond from DNADNA to DNAenzymenickoriTAnother enzyme pumps DNArelaxase into recipient replicatedtransconjugantInterspecies Plasmid TransferPromiscuous plasmids examples include resistance pRP4 and pR388 plasmids for antibioticsUnnecessary treatment of bacteria with antibiotics carrying Rplasmid can be selectedincrease transfer to create more resistanceAgrobacterium Bacterial plasmid can be transferred to plantsTi plasmid can be transferred and integrated into plant produces metabolite for agrobact using plant energyNote F1 plasmids can go from G bacterium but Ti can transfer between speciesCrossing domains of life allows GMOProduction of Transgenic Plant
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