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Midterm #1 Txt. Notes (Ch. 1-5) These are inclusive notes from the "Personality Theories 8E" textbook, detailed and extremely useful for the first midterm. These notes cover chapters 1, 3, 4, and 5 (Freud, Jung, Adler, Horney, and Fromm). Total: 13 pa

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University of Saskatchewan
PSY 230
Maja Djikic

PSY230: Midterm #1 Ch. 1 Pg. 29 BIOGRAPHICAL BACKGROUND Born 1856, Freiburg Clinical neurologist first "Neurosis"- emotional disturbance, but not extremely severe Brever's talking cure of Anna O started it all 1900 "The Interpretation of Dreams' Worked with Carl Jung & Adler ORIGINS OF UNCONSCIOUS Joseph Breuer o Case study Anno O. o Body paralysis, can't drink, speak mother tongue o Known today as conversion disorder, physio symptoms but no basis o Talking cure, bring out traumatic events o "Catharsis"- emotional release o Emotion found another outlet neurotically when surpressed o Unconscious of memories o "Resistance" - force consciously wanted to remember but prevent o "Wishes" - ideas/thoughts repressed if too painful o "Repression" - block wish from consciousness o Need to restore wishes to consciousness to deal with realistically PSYCHOANALYTIC METHOD Free association + Interpretation of Dreams/Slips Couch Opposing forces o Conscious effort to forget o Resistance (keeps memories unconscious) o Unexpressed emotions keep expressing Free association o Say whatever comes to mind o Reflect on what you said INTERPRETATION OF SLIPS/Dreams "slips" o Bungled acts, slip tongue, pen, memory o Nothing is trivial to Freud "Cause" o Action, impersonal force (gravity) "Motive" o Emotion/desire operating on you to make you act (thrower) o Focus Dreams o Children - fulfillment of unsatisfied wishes o Adults - same, but in disguise o Manifest Dream - nonsensical, remembered next day o Latent Dream - underlying motive of manifest dream "Dream Work" o Process disguising wishes, symbols o Some universal Anxiety Dream - unsuccesful disguise/forbidden wish SEXUALITY Libido o Emotion/psychic energy from biological drive, sexual Holistic - Freud viewed body + mind as whole, vs. "Cartesian Split" Drive involves both Provide genetic base where personality will arrive DRIVE Source - bodily stimulus Impetus - amount energy/intensity of aim Aim - goal/purpose (to reduce excitation) Object - person Impulse Drives Eros Life impulses, for reprod. Of species, libido energy force Thanatos Death impulses, resolve life's tension in death Sex: for pleasure, as opposed to reprod. "Polymorphous Perverse" Child seeks body pleasure PSYCHOSEXUAL STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT Oral (0-1) Anal (1-2) Phallic (3-6) Latency (7-12) - calm, impulse directed to sports/interests Genital (12- ) -rebirth of desires, autoerotic --> heterosexual Oedipus Complex Desire for opp-sex parent, murderous to same-sex parent "Castration Anxiety" Son fears losing penis by dad Female version "Electra Complex" Initial love is mom first, but superior penis envy + feel inferior Desire for a penis = desire for baby boy Women = defective men PSYCHOSEXUAL EFFECTS Fixation If not optimally stages, makes sexual deviations in adulthood The way you invest your libido determines future Neurosis from arrested libidal development Libido = psychic energy, sexual though Note: Age references = focal points, not distinct but gradual PERSONALITY STRUCTURE ID Pleasure principle Core of being, drive/instincts Seek tensions reduction Primary processes, imagining object that satisfies needs, but not enough to just imagine EGO "I" Reality principle Evolves from ID, but satisfies the ID realistically to endure some tension Intermediate between ID and world Secondary Processes, cognitive SUPER EGO "Above I" Innermost core, conscience + ego-ideal Values, morals, very rigid 1. Conscience: Capacity for self-evaluation (make guilt) 2. Ego-Ideal: Ideal self-image, pride Seek moral > realistic solution Perfectionist Ego balances both ends Personality is self-divided according to Freud 49 iceberg, 90% unconscious ID is all unconscious EGO'S DEFENSE - ANXIETY 3 anxieties Reality Neurotic Moral All defenses are Unconscious Distorts reality to make less threatening Repression - involuntary Denial Projection - Project attitute to someone else
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