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Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Thurs Feb 91216 Notes Buddhism in the Far East Zen and Pure Land we are going to talk about Buddhism in China however if u practiced it in China you wouldnt know where it came fromreason why we are going to refer to the other studied religions as the Chinese religionsas religion moved to China the countries and traditions play an influence on how it is practicedChina doesnt have that philosophical respectunderstanding for these texts ex Garland Sutra they dont care so does a person have to know the scriptures to be enlightenedChina says noI ChanZen Buddhism Chan in China Zen in Japan 1 ChanZen bhaktiChanmeditationcomes from Indian term dhyana meaning to calm the mindthey organize themselves mostly in monastic groups there is no emphasis on texts or worship of imageshowever there are statues that ppl will bow down to to acknowledge the Buddhabut they dont understand it as worshipping it2 Antiritual Focus beyond words and concepts B World Religions by Huston Smith 3 Origins thBodhidharma6 century CEspent 9 yrs meditating and then got enlightenedconcentrate as hard as it takes for as long as it takes2 different spellings TaoismDaoismpronounced as the latteroutside the scriptures they werent adding new ideas they were just writing them downclaim that there tradition comes from the book tradition toooutside words and logicwordless transmission4 2 schoolsCaodongSoto NorthernShenxiu one monk wrote a poem one night to show that he was worthydidnt like it responded by saying clean the mind and keep the selfdoesnt keep true Buddhist selfsubstances endure gradual enlightenment self effort Zazenseated meditation 46xday for 3040 minutes each Shikantazajust sittingKinhinwalking meditationSouthernLingiRinzai Huineng
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