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#6 notes: buddhism in the far east: zen and pure land. We are going to talk about buddhism in china, however if u practiced it in china you wouldn t know where it came from->reason why we are going to refer to the other studied religions as the. As religion moved to china the countries and traditions play an influence on how it is practiced- China doesn t have that philosophical respect/understanding for these texts (ex. >they don t care ->so does a person have to know the scriptures to be enlightened->china says no: chan/zen buddhism [chan in china; zen in japan, chan/zen (bhakti): Comes from indian term dhyana meaning to calm the mind. There is no emphasis on texts or worship of images-however there are statues that ppl will bow down to, to acknowledge the buddha-but they don t understand it as worshipping it: anti-ritual focus. B: world religions by huston smith: origins.

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