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SOC 360
Darrell Mc Laughlin

Discussion Questions to-date: 1. Do you see evidence in our examination of the roots of globalization to support the claim that the four characteristics (expanding networks, interdependencies, social exchanges, changing consciousness) of globalization are as old as humanity? Explain your response.  how globalization isn't a new phenomenon  expanding networks: ◦ networks of trade, to trade for their survival ◦ importation – pasta from China to Italy ◦ throughout history, mostly the elites benefited, but possibly this may be changing due to types of technologies, the groups that are traveling  social exchanges ◦ throughout humanity there always has been, from the darker times to now but use to be smaller scale  interdependence ◦ rely on one another, different areas specialize and help each other  changing consciousness ◦ shifted between time, not recent ◦ social rights movements .. .ect ◦ always shifting not static 2. What role as technology played in the historic process of globalization? Why should we be guarded not to be drawn into a “technological deterministic” explanation of globalization?  Everything is sped up so fast, things can change overnight  we developed technology that could do so because we were interested in doing it  allows the ordinary person to have a say, one person to exert greater influence than they would have been able to  we're so technologically advanced we could destroy the world  we shouldn't focus only on the technological aspects  we need to think about historic aspects ◦ trade routes .. crossing the ocean  huge difference in power due to globalization ◦ gun powder vs arrows ◦ the society that develops things faster can hold more power ◦ a modernized arms race – not necessary war related 3. Why do the sceptics maintain that globalization is a myth?  They give all the power/authority to the nation, ignore the fact that other cultures give influence  if we live in such a globalized world why are the other cultures throughout the world not reaping the benefits of globalization  from the standpoint of material globalization 4. Is there evidence to suggest that a global culture has emerged or might emerge? Explain.  In a way we agree, but not fully  global culture – the influence institutions (Coke, McDonalds...) have on the world  yet there is cultralization in the world (folk fest)  change it to interconnected? ◦ We are tied, not captured ◦ it is so easy to connected now, has never been seen before  culture has two components, material and non-material ◦ both large in themselves but each can have a life, or trajectory, of its own ▪ ex: mass media  Hollywoods movies – the influence around the world  may increase diversity, the homogenization of culture  a lot of potential, yet a lot of mind-fields  we need a national culture, in order for the nation  we need the community to support so we can survive as a culture  maybe we need some elements of a global culture to give us this. Group discussion 1. what is meant by the clash of globalization, provide two examples.  Small population that benefits while the rest of the population does the work, above and bellow view. Economic globalizations. ◦ start bucks ◦ Steve Jobs with Apple (Mac) computer
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