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Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 131
Robert Sproule

University of WaterlooSchool of AccountancyAFM 131MidTerm ExaminationFall 2004Choose the correct response from the answers provided There is no mark penalty for incorrect responses Mark correct responses by completing the University of Waterlooanswer card using a black lead HB pencil only Make sure to write your name andstudent number on the card mark you student number on the card and write your section number and card number on the card along with marking your section number and card number on the card Answers recorded on these pages will not be marked 6The entire picture of people and investments coming to British Columbia and then developing significant trade with the Pacific Rim is a good example of the globalization of business The rest of Canada is well behind BC becauseits outlook is still dominated by trade with the USACanadas links to the European UnionBof laws governing interprovincial trade in CanadaCPacific Rim immigrants prefer BCs climate to the rest of CanadaD7The most important demographic to a servicebased firm may be the fact thatcomputers are able to easily predict all trendsAthe population of Canada is agingBservice firms are growing in popularity and importanceCthe bulk of Canadas population lives in OntarioD8Today the Canadian economy is an integral part of the world economy Which of the following is NOT an illustration of this development
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