Globalization Theme questions for midterm/exam

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Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 131
Bob Sproule

Globalization Multiple Choice Question Themes1 How would globalization effect you as a consumer employee business owner or student slide 10globalization lowers prices for consumers makes more job opportunities overseas but affects the business owners and employees over in north america since wages are too high companies get less business which causes people to get fired the prices to produce would be cheaperconsumer products from all over the world increased competition lowers price quality of product is betteremployee outsourcing jobs cheaper overseas more opportunities for job foreign countries can come over and produce more jobs work with different people culturebusiness ownerspotential customers small business owners have a risk of being purchased sell product theres no demand for in your own country level of competition expand your business makes you more appealingstudent more to learn opportunity to work in a foreign country coop more competition to get into the program of your choice2 Distinction either exporting or importing page 71exporting Selling goods and services to another country importing Buying goods and services from another country3 Implications of free trade page 71There are several reasons why countries trade with other countries First no country not even a technologically advanced one can produce all of the products that its people want and need Second even if a country did become selfsufficient other nations would seek to trade with that country to meet the needs of their own people Third some nations have
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