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Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 331
Nancy Vanden Bosch

Product Focus and Revenue Split Core Activities Inventive and extensive menu selections What? High quality cheesecakes, bakery products aPdrovision of customer service desserts (15% of revenue) Production of menu items Alcoholic beverages (13% of revenue) Production of cheesecakes and desserts (competitive advantage) Healthy meal options via SkinnyLicious line Procurement of materials and inventory Market Focus Prompt outbound logistics aka order delivery Casual dining restaurant segment Companywide performance management Above-average household income Marketing of restaurant and restaurant services Large metropolitan areas; densely populatedEmployee recruitment Inventory management How? Regular evaluation of service standards with staff In house production of menu items Centralized purchasing staff for procurement Kitchen Management System used for prompt order delivery Opening of restaurants in high profile locations (marketing) Performance management through centralized and integrated information system Heavy investments in employee recruitment and training sessions Managed inventory through fast services and SCM Value Proposition Features: Speedy customer service Moderate pricing of products Generous food proportions Extensive menu Wholesome and fresh products Benefit Saves customer waiting Upscale yet casually comfortable environment Proportions are satisfactory and can be saved for later Wide variety of menu items and choice Provides high quality and healthy food Goals Provide a dining env. that guarantees highest levels of satisfaction To provide a high quality dining experience at moderate prices Porters Analysis POLITICAL/GOVT. Stakeholder Analysis THREAT OF ENTRY Shareholders; Customers; Strict govt. regulations for food and Many competitors; high brand loyalty and recognisanitation Employees; Government High start-up costs Safety standards for premises Competitive Advantage Low access to distribution channels and supplierRegular audits Excellent atmosphere and customer Food and sanitation laws and regulation ECONOMIC service (Ranked no.1 in atmosphere) SUPPLIERS High unemployment rate High quality bakery products Existing restaurants have negotiated terms withvInflation increasing; sluggish wages,rgaHiring training recruitment (2011 Best Financial Human Resources Speed (Kitchen Mgmt. System for $118 Mil in free cash flows Extensive employee training orders)ctices Award) Low investor confidence due to drop in stock pDeedicated customer service team Innovation (Intro. Of new products) Easy access to f
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