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ASSIGNMENT all assignments solutions and midterms. very helpful!!!!.

Actuarial Science
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Chengguo Weng
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Assignment 1
ACTSC231 (Mathematics of Finance), FALL 2010
Due: (Friday) October 01, 2010
Hand in to the instructor in class
To earn the credit of the assignment, you need to justify your answer. Simply listing the final
answer is unacceptable. I might only select a part of the assigned questions to be marked,
and your credit for this assignment will be calculated according to your performance on those
selected questions. However, in order to obtain the full credit for this assignment, you need
to do all the assigned questions.
You must place the present page on the top of your solutions as the cover and
combine them together, and put your name, UW ID number and section number
very clearly in the corresponding blanks below. If you fail to do so, 5% of your
grade will be taken off for this assignment.
UW ID #:
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