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UWAFM 461Stanley LaikenFall

Chapter 15 summary notes Summary of Chapter 15: Corporate distributions, Windups and Sales. Really useful to look through before the exam

OC175843 Page
Capital dividend account non taxed portion of net capial gains. Chapter 15: corporate distributions, winding ups and sales. Paid up capital the amount
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UWAFM 461Stanley LaikenFall

Chapter 18 summary notes Chapter 18–Partnerships and Trusts Summarized version of chapter 18 to quickly read through and understand. Useful for reading over before exams and as a refresher.

OC175849 Page
Joint and several liability with respect to debts incurred by the partnership. An agreement indicating the method by which profits and losses are to be
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UWAFM 461Stanley LaikenFall

Chapter 16 summary notes Summary of chapter 16. Useful to look over before exam or doing homework.

OC175848 Page
When transferring assets to a corporation, the corporation can elect it to be a tax free transfer using 85(1) elected price. Elected transfer price = c
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UWAFM 461Stanley LaikenFall

Chapter 14 summary notes Summary of chapter 14 of the textbook. Useful to look over quickly before an exam.

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UWAFM 461Stanley LaikenFall

AFM 461 Study Guide - Final Guide: Contingent Liability, Small Business, Income Splitting

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UWAFM 461Dan RogozynskiFall

AFM 461 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Foreign Tax Credit, Tax Credit, Dividend Tax

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Federal abatement (10% of canadian sourced income) ------------------------ (xxxx) The amount of income eligible for the manufacturing and processing p
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