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Final Review The review lecture given during the last class.

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ANTH 100
Gray Graffam

Final exam 13 first half of course 23 second half of course Final exam nd Wednesday December 22 9 am to 11 amDC 1350 1351 o William G Davis Computer Research CentreFinal examCumulative13 on first half of course23 on last half of courseFormatSimilar to previous that is o Multiple choice o Fill in the blank o Short answerWe have covered a great deal of groundThematic course o Touching on what anthropology has been o How the field came into being o Classic studies o Current studies o And how the field is transforming todayThe relevance of anthropologyApproach to the fieldWhat is anthropology o A social science that studies the diversity of humankind past and presentFour subfields and their importanceWhat is cultural anthropologyApproach to the fieldHistory of anthropology o Particularly the founding work of Franz Boas o And the striking transition brought into place by Malinowski Trobriand Islands about a century agoWhich laid the foundation for ethnographyApproach to the fieldMethods of anthropology o Particularly ethnographyParticipant observationNot the only method but a key oneEconomies and Modes of ProductionParticularly the differences seen among foraging peoples o How their life is structured so differently from ours o Small groups focused on mobility nonhierarchical
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