ANTH100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Taphonomy, Electrical Resistance And Conductance, Site Survey

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What they do in their spare time. Creating a chronology to look at change over time (the development & fall of something, ex. Bipedal & could carry objects easier (tools, food) Early hominins made tools from perishable materials (wood) Protohominins (7-5mya): easily carried sharp stones, carcasses, wood. Modifying rocks consistently or carrying them around from place to place (assuming this isn"t a result of streams/glaciers) is a characteristic of a hominin. Cooking meat lead to better nutrition, better brain development, becoming more educated. Site is an area where we find something that belongs to someone. Sites and remains onsite are divided into 3 categories: Artifacts: something someone made or changed for use, and is portable. Features: modified by humans, cannot be portable (ex. house, burial, sewage, painting) Ecofacts: objects that are natural materials, are not modified by humans and are used to learn about past environment (ex. pollen, macrofossils like seeds, barley, corncobs)