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ANTH100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mary Leakey, Laetoli, Donald Johanson

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Anthropology Unit #2
Hominin Fossil Remains
- earlier group 4.2-3 m.y.a
- later, more derived, group: 2.5-1.2 mya
In common:
1. all bipedal
2. all small-brained, in comparison to homo genus
3. very large teeth, specifically molars & premolars, and thicker enamel
In 1992, identified in Lake Turkana and Kenya, called Au. “Anamensis”
Chin is more receding in earlier species Anamensis, then later species Australopthecus
- other fossils found in same areas (monkeys)
- open grasslands, dry forests
- highly adaptable to other types of environments
Au. Afarensis
- 3.6-3 mya
- Maurice Taieb, Donald Johanson
- 1974
- Hadar, Afar Depression, Ethiopia
- Older fossils found in Bahr el Ghazel, Chad in 3.4-3.1 mya
Prognasthism: lower part of face is protruded outwards (ex. Chimpanzees)
Laetoli, Tanzania
Mary Leakey, 35 mya
Footprints of male, female & baby walked across wet volcanic ash
Probably was very similar to ours
Also very similar to a foot that has never worn shoes (bones are spread out)
Dikika Child
- Afar, Ethiopia
Au. Africanus
-3-2.2 mya
Raymond Dart, 1924
Taung Child
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