ANTH100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Arnold Van Gennep, Morpheme, Jigging

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What it is to be human, i. e. study of humans. Sub-disciplinaries of anthropology in north america -> 4 sub disciplines. Not through heredity but through growing up in a particular society and being expressed to a specific cultural tradition. Inuits teaching here is foreign to them by education, learn by observing. Can be general and specific certain norms. Behaviour is learned or genetic all culture. Language one of most distinct properties of human nature. What, when, how to eat) (how to excrete waste) Problems with social engineering because don"t understand cultural complementary. Learn language arrange for good and supplies, make friendships. First ones who are friendly tend to be social outcasts. If government gives permission, society may not like because they don"t normally like the government. Belief that one own society is center of world. Judging other cultures in reference to own culture. Anthropologist has to be aware of own ethnocentrism and pattern aside.