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Shake Hands with the Devil Discussion Questions.docx

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Nicole Hayes

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Anthropology 202: Principles of Cultural Anthropology
Shake Hands with the Devil Discussion Questions
1. Was Dallaires mission doomed
from the beginning? Why did
no one heed his early
Underfunded with no support or training
UN didn't take him seriously
It was a "bluff", he wasn't equipped to take
Already existing tension locally
Orders denied him taking actions when they
were informed of a plan to massacre Tutsis
2. What role did the Belgians play
in the genocide? Rwanda was their colony
Discriminated in their experiments
ID cards
They technically should not have taken part in
the UN mission (former colony), but they were
the only ones with well trained, experienced and
eqipped troops there
Belgians were being killed and taken like any
other UN soldiers
"Rebels" kidnapped and executed 10 soldiers
They rescued their forces after instead of
They then withdrew all their forces when they
were needed the most
Soldiers left UN sites where they were suppose
to protect refugees
3. What happened to Dallaires
forces over the course of the
UN voted to pull out and only leave 300 soliders
4. Why didnt Dallaire just go
rogue if he wanted to stay so
5. What was the role of the media
in Dallaires strategy? He used the media to get the word out
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