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ANTH202 Study Guide - Ion, Family Values, Neoliberalism

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Nicole Hayes

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Guest Lecture
These concepts existed as early as 1960s and 1970s
These are considered to be the years of decolonization, progressive social movement,
Neoliberalim, liberation in Technology
Structural Violence:
Some examples and forms are economic disparities, malnutrition, lack of acess to heath
care, social inequalities,
A form of unregulated form of capitalism by giving corporations more power in the
economy than the government
Free market
Free trade
Financial globalization
Privatisation of public services - reduction of the welfare state
Commodification of these services - the emergence of consumer citizen
In political and cultural context, it is an unquestionable belief in individual rights and
individual freedom
Emphasis on personal resposibility ---self-help
Strong family values
Private Property
It is more of a freedom to buy or choose
How does Olga's story illustrate some of the characteristics of neoliberalization?
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