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BIOL 120
Simon Chuong

Practice questions foththe first midterm exam. The exam on Thursday, February 7 will be of the same format (You should be able to answer these questions in 25-30 minutes) PART A: Multiple Choice and True or False Select the one answer that best answer the question/statement (one mark per question). 1. Disk and ray flowers are characteristic of A) Ephreda. B) petunias. C) corn. D) sunflower. E) all of the above 2. Enations are A) tiny leaf-like structures on the stems of Psilotum. B) the sporangia-bearing branches of Lycopodium. C) immature fern leaves. D) specialized buds produced along the stems of horsetails. E) a type of sporangium. 3. Monoecious plants produce A) carpellate and staminate flowers on separate plants. B) both bisexual an unisexual flowers on separte plants. C) carpellate and staminate flowers on the same plant. D) bisexual flowers. E) no flowers. 4. Which of the following have seeds with just a single cotyledon? A) legumes. B) sunflowers. C) roses. D) grasses. E) buttercup. 5. During the evolution of flowers, it is generally believed that A) compound carpels became separated. B) stamens became less leaf-like. C) the number of floral parts increased. D) sepals and petals tended to become more similar in appearance. E) choices A and C. 6. The first true seed plants were A) horsetails. B) whisk ferns. C) ferns. D) club mosses. E) conifers. 7. ________ use high magnification that even atoms are discernable. A. Transmission electron microscopes B. Phase contrast microscopes C. Scanning electron microscopes D. Stereomicroscopes E. Confocal laser scanning microscope 8. In plants, small molecules pass between cells via _______. A. plasmodesmata B. middle lamella C. gap junctions D. microtubules E. microfibrils 9. _______ are plastids containing carotenoid pigments, and _______ are plastids c
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