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University of Waterloo
BIOL 120
David Kohler

Answers are listed on last page1 The triple point of HO is at 46 Torr and 001 C and the normal boiling point at 100 C 2 If HO is kept at a constant pressure of 05 atm while the temperature is increased from 50 C to 2120 C what observable phase transitions would occur A solid to gas B solid to liquidC solid to liquid to gas D liquid to gas E no change in state occurs at constant pressure 2 Which one of the following statements is FALSE A The enthalpy of deposition equals the negative of the enthalpy of sublimation B The critical point corresponds to the highest temperature at which it is possible to obtain a liquid from its vapor by increasing pressure C When a liquid is in dynamic equilibrium with its vapor at a given temperature vaporization and condensation proceed at equal rates D The enthalpy of fusion is the quantity of heat released when a solid melts E When the vapor pressure of a liquid equals atmospheric pressure the temperature of the liquid equals the boiling point 3 If one compares compound A a nonpolar substance with compound B a polar substance and both compounds have the same molecular formula then it is TRUE that A London forces exist between A molecules but not between B molecules B A has a lower heat of vaporization than B C A has a higher viscosity than B D B has a lower surface tension than A E both compounds have the same melting pointCHEM 123 Spring 2012 Test 1Page 2 of 7 2012 University of Waterloo
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