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Final Exam Notes about 16 pages of final notes, including diagrams of all the stuff you need to know !

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University of Waterloo
BIOL 130
Niels C Bols

Module 3 Membranesmitochondial chloroplast lysosomal and endoplasmic reticulumFunctions1compartmentalization2selectively permeable membrane3transports solutes4response to external signals5intercellular interaction6site for biochemical activities7energy for protein gradientBiochemistry consists of a polar lipid bilayer proteins carbohydratesThin sectioning techniquecuts samples into 75nm slices with dark light dark appearanceFreeze fracture technique shatters and shines e through smooth areas are interrupted by bumps and depressionsFluid Mosaic Modellipids move laterallycomponents engage in fleeting interactionsphosphoglycerides ampiphatic contain a phosphate and have glycerol backbonerddiglyceride one saturated and one unsaturated fatty acid 3 OH group has either1choline phosphatidyl choline2ethanolamine phosphatidylethanolamine3serine phosphatidylserine eat me signal to macrophagend4inositol phosphatidyllinositol generates 2 messengerssphingolipids amino alcohol with a hydrocarbon chain plus fatty acid ceramide and terminal group estrified to terminal OH spingomyelin if phosphorylcholine is attached glycolipid if carbohydrate is attachedglycolipids cerebroside if monosaccharide and ganglioside if oligosaccharidecholesterol up to 50 of lipids in membrane absent from bacteria increases fluiditycarbohydrates face outwards into extracellular space are covelently linked to proteins andor lipidsglycoproteins short branched oligosaccharide carbohydrates attached to either asparagine Nlinked or serine and threonine Olinkedglycolipids roles in infectious diseases carbs Determine blood type A B AB or OMembrane ProteinsIntegral proteins penetrate into bilayer some segments protrude into cytoplasm consists of nonpolar AA in alphahelix some form aqeous channelsPeripheral proteins entirely outside lipid bilayer attached by noncovalent bonds signal transduction Lipid Anchored proteins covalently linked to lipids glycophosphatidyl inotisol are on outside linked by by short oligosaccharide chain and long hydrocarbon chains are in the inner part G proteins such as Ras are linked this way involved in signal transductionMembrane proteinsregions in which a protein may travelhighly polarized cells whose surfaces carry out different functions1apical plasma membrane faces lumen of intestine selectively absorbs substances2lateral plasma membrane surfaceinteracts with neighbouring epithelial cells3basal plasma membrane exchange of substances with bloodstreamnonjunctional2030nm between cells no specialized structuresSpecialized cellcell JunctionsAdeherens cadherins Ca dependent are concentrated which are connected to actin filaments by catenin 2035nm space plaques in cytoplasm common in epithelial cells encircles each cell and binds it to its neighboursDesmosomes sites where caherins desmogleins and desmocollins are concentrated desmoglea the space is 2035nm and contain collagenous glue opposite of them are cytoplasmic plaques intermediate filaments run out of plaques across the cell oftenin epitheliaTight junctions seals extracellular space fusion of outer leaflets of adjacent membranes 5 layer structure claudin proteins occur at the apical end forces material to go through cell rather than between Gap junctions mediate celltocell communication 24nm space 7 layer structure connexons very small channels and allow for cytoplasmic continuity act as molecular sievesMembrane Transportinflux movement into cellsefflux movement out of cells
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