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Biology 130 Midterm 2 Notes - Thermodynamics.pdf

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University of Waterloo
BIOL 130
Heidi Engelhardt

Saturday November 9 2013Biology Midterm 2 NotesThermodynamics Basics living things create and maintain order in a universe that is tending greaterdisorder to create this order small organic molecules like amino acids sugarsnucleotides and lipids are taken apart or modified to supply the many other small molecules that the cell requires to carry out these reactions they require both a source of atoms in the form offood molecules and energy that come from the nonliving environment enzymes specialized protein in particular aid in enabling a BOOST in chemicalreactivity the enzymes accelerate catalyzes one of many different reactions that a particular molecule might undergo this is just not one reaction it is connected to a series of reactionsthis long linear pathways are called metabolic pathways that are linked togetherforming a complex web of interconnected reactions catalysis is a benefit where it controls metabolism sum total of chemical rxnsneeded to survive grow and reproduce Catabolic pathways break down foodstuffs into smaller molecules generating usefulform of energy for the cell and some of the small molecules building blocksLike a CAT ripping things apart breaking down molecules Anabolic pathways are harnessed by catabolism to synthesize molecules that form the cell small to form bigLike an ANT carrying small things to store building up bigger molecules 1
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