BIOL130 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Rna Splicing, Frameshift Mutation, Alternative Splicing

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P (peptidyl) site alternative splicing aminoacyl-trna synthetase anticodon, codon exon, intron general transcription factors genetic code initiator trna methylguanosine cap. Rna polymerase ii sigma factor snrnps (snurps) splicing, spliceosome start codon. Tata-binding protein (tbp) template strand, coding strand translocation transcriptome wobble hypothesis. The sigma factor subunit is a permanent component of the rna polymerase of e. coli, allowing it to initiate transcription at appropriate promoters in the bacterial genome. Since introns are mostly genetic junk", they do not have to be removed precisely from the primary transcript during. Given your understanding of transcription, fill in the blanks below and indicate the 5" and 3" ends of each nucleotide sequence. (assume no rna processing occurs. ) Biol 130 worksheet unit 5; fall 2012 non-template strand of dna: 5" a t g t a t g c c a a t g c a 3" template strand of dna: A mrna: using the lecture notes or text as reference:

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