BIOL130 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Nuclear Membrane, Restriction Point, Oncogene

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Terms: aneuploidy apoptosis apoptosome autosome bcl-2, bak, bax, bad caspases checkpoint chromatid chromosome contractile ring crossing over. Cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis cyclin cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk) cytochrome c cytokinesis diploid. Match the definition below with its term from the list above: the long period of the cell between one mitosis and the next. 1. final stage of mitosis in which two sets of separated chromosomes decondense and become enclosed. Individuals that inherit an inactive copy of a tumor suppressor gene are more likely to develop cancer than individuals with two functional copies. 4: a mitogen and a proto-oncogene can act via the same signalling pathway. Cells that are terminally differentiated are in this phase. The cell plate forms or cleavage furrow pinches cells apart. Then place the numbers 1 8 to indicate the normal order of events: alignment of the chromosomes at the spindle equator, attachment of spindle microtubules to chromosomes, breakdown of nuclear envelope, pinching of cell in two.

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