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Complete Notes for BIOL 140L Exam, Lab Quizzes

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BIOL 240
Cheryl Duxbury

Bio 140L NotesAaron Tai1 Experiment 1Stains a Dyes have cationic chromophore colour i Loefflers Methylene bluemethylene and chloride choromophore b Bacteria have negative charge on outside of their membrane which attract to positive stain chromophores like above c Used to determine morphology of bacteria 2 Microscope a 3 partslens system objective ocular light source geared mechanism adjust distance from lens system and object observedcourse fine adjustment knobs i Objectiveproduce magnify specimen to make image project to ocular 1 4x scanning 10x low 40x high 100x oil immersion ii Ocularfurther magnify produce virtual image for eyes 1 10x b Oilimprove resolution of image c Iris Diaphragmcontrol amount of light entering condenser d Mechanical stageholds slide e Condenserlenses that collectconcentrate light reaching stage 3 Bacterial Shapes a Rodbacillusmotilesingly pairs diplobacillus chains streptobacillusb Roundcoccusnonmotilesingly micrococcus pairs diplo chains strepto 4group gaffkya 8group cube sarcina clusterpacket staphylo c Spiralspirochetespirilliummotile d StalkedCaulobacter e Clubshapedcorynebacterium f Vibriocommashaped g Page 20 chart h Magnificationsize of specimen in drawingest actual size of image 4 Gram Staindifferential stain a Mordantsubstance that fix primary stain to cells eg iodine b Decolourizing agentethyl alcohol c Counterstainsafranin d Gram purple violet crystal e Gram pink safranin f Results can be affected by pH and age of culture mediumgram variable organism g Procedureprimary stain crystal violet mordant iodine to fix primary stain decolourize with alcohol counterstain safranin1
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