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BIOL 241 Complete Disease/Illness Chart

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BIOL 241
Barbara Butler

Organism Growth Requirement Gram Stain Morphology Treatment Other Properties Transmitted via contaminated water Vibrio cholera Freeliving in coastal Liquidelectrolyte Bacteria attach to epithelial cells of Gramnegative Curved rod Cholera waters replacement therapy small intestine release enterotoxin causes rice water stools diarrhea Antibiotic therapy Mainly transmitted via water could Salmonella typhi Waterborne ex ampicillin also be foodborne or by direct contact Gramnegative Rod Typhoid Fever Foodborne chloramphenicol Belongs to Enterobacteriaceae cephalosporins Carrier state is important ChlorineUV radiation resistant Trophozoites produce a cyst resists dryingchemical disinfection Giardia intestinalis Flagellated WaterborneFiltration boilingwhen eaten cysts germinate andGiardiasis protozoaattach to intestinal wall Causes explosive foulsmelling diarrhea infected individuals may be carriers ChlorineUV radiation resistant resistant oocysts transmitted via fecesCryptosporidium Sedimentationcontaminated water parvum Waterborne filtration during Trophozoites grow within epithelial Cryptosporidiosis water treatment cells of stomachintestines Causes diarrhea mild or chronic Chlorineheat resistant Natural waterssoil Disseminated in humidified aerosols inside protozoa Human infection via airborne droplets cooling towers air Legionella Antibiotics NOT via persontoperson contact conditioning systems pneumophila Gramnegative Rod rifampinrespiratory infection hot water tanks Legionellosis erythromycin May be asymptomatic whirlpool spas etc Pontiac fever mild cough sore throatLegionellosis type of pneumonia Obligate aerobe affects elderly immuneimpaired
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