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Cheryl Duxbury

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Exp1 Direct Microscopic count of microorganisms in milkMilktypicalgram positive nonmotile microaero anaerobic rods cocciStained slideoProsResults quickly availableIndividual bacteriaclumps can be ountedMinimal equipmentMorphologies can be accountedSlidespermanent recordoConsCounts not as accurateDead cellscountedTiringExtraneous debrisMaterialsoRaw milkoPasteurizedoUnpasteurizedoStaining014 methylene blue general staincell wallSlidebrite removes fat globules95 ethanol to remove slidebriteWateroGilson P20 Pipetman micropipette dispense 0005 mL of milk2oPlastic template card used to mark3x 1cm areas for milkoBeaker of hot water used to steam fix slideNotable InstructionsoSlidebrite after heat fixing on beakeroDip into beaker after slidebrite removaloDecolourize with 95 ethanoloAir dry afterCalibration of Microscope Microscope factoroMF fieldsmLrelationship of a field to a milliliteroStepsMeasure diameter of the oil immersion field 100x objective lens2Area of the field in mm222Mm multiple by 10 to cm2Number of fields in one square centimeter fieldscm22Calculate number of fields in 1 millilitre fieldscm divide 0005 mLcm 20005 mL is the amount of milk placed in each cm squareResultsoCounted 5 fields per sample raw freshly pasAverageoAverage cellsfieldMFfieldsmLCount cellsmLExp2 Standard Plate Count of MilkAmerican Public health Associationrecognize SPC as the official sanitation measueSerial dilutions pour plate can also use spread plateoProsCounts only viable bacteriaAccurate for milk with low bacterial contentoConsDetects only organisms that can utilize that particular nutrient
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