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BIOL 308 Final: Study_questions_7

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BIOL 308
Dragana Miskovic

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1. What are the major differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic transcription? Pro transcription and translation coupled euk occurs in dif compartment than translation Initation euk requires additional proteins in order to find initiation sequence and bind to dna 2. Which hypothesis regarding eukaryotic RNAPs was proven with amanitin and actinomycin D (be specific)? That there are multiple RNAPs involved in transcription in eukaryotes and that each RNAP is involved in transcribing different genes. Amanatin decreased expression of RNAP II and actinomycin D affect expression of RNAP I, shown that different genes were transcribed and different mrnas present when either one was present. 3. Which genes are transcribed by RNAP I? RNAP II? RNAP III? RNAP I rRNAS RNAP II mRNAS RNAP III tRNAS 4. What does CTD stand for? Explain the role of CTD tail in eukaryotic gene expression? 5. Carboxyterminal domain, role of tail is unphosphorylated version of tail initiates transcription, also necessary for methyl cap and splicing 6. How would you define enhancers? What are their characteristics? What is the difference(s) between enhancer and upstream control element? Enhancers, elements that stimulate transcription usually from a long distance away. Identified by activators bound to it which stimulate initatie. Can be found anywhere, different from upstream which is usually in close proximity to initation sequence and is also upstream. 7. Explain the use of reporter genes for estimation of promoter strength. Reporter genes are a coding unit that has product that is easily viewable and differentiated from other proteins in the cell. Promoter from a gene of interest is insert upstream of a gene with easily observable product, inserted into the cell, product measured in order to determine strength of the promotor. Product produced proportional to strength of the promoter. 8. Explain briefly 5 deletion series. What kind of information do they reveal?
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