BIOL308 Study Guide - Nuclear Material, Gamete, Egg Cell

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The human gametes have about 3 billion bp of dna in their chromosomes: express the size of the diploid genome in kb (kilo bases; 1kb = 1000bp) The diploid genome will have about 6 billion bp of dna in chromosomes. Since there are 46 chromosomes in human diploid cells, each chromosome would have approximately 150 million bp. In b-dna conformation, where 10 base pairs are 34 nm long in the helix, this would result in an unrelaxed chromosome length of approximately 51 mm. On average, since there are 30-40000 genes per 23 chromosomes, there would be 1300- 1750 genes per chromosome on average (30,000/23 to 40,000/23: define homologous chromosomes. Homologous chromosomes are those that have the same genes located at the same loci, and synapse in meiosis, but may have different alleles of these genes. For example, diploid cells will have 2 copies of chromosome 1.

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