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BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

1Describe the role of histone acetylationdeacetylation in regulation of transcription2Describe the role of chromatin remodelling complexes in regulation of transcription3Describe an influence of activators and repressors on assembly of initiation complexes4Explain the role of enchancesomes and architectural proteins in regulation of transcription initiation5Explain the role of mediators or insulatorsdifferent question in regulation of transcription initiation6What is the role of DNA methylation in regulation of transcription initiation7Describe how TFs from nuclear receptors superfamily regulate transcription one example is enough remember nuclear receptor could be in cytoplasm bound to chaperone protein or in nucleus already bound to DNA8What is are the roles of transcription factors during development 9Describe the role of TBP during transcription think about promoters for all three eukaryotic RNAPs and TATAless R
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