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University of Waterloo
BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

1How does complexity of bacterial genome differ from that of eukaryotic for example calf genome2Explain C value paradox3List and briefly explain factors that influence DNA renaturation kinetics4You have found a new species of insects To evaluate the complexity of the genome of this species you isolate genomic DNA from fragment the DNA to uniform 500 base pair pieces denature the DNA and measure the rate of reassociation Your data is represented in the curve below sorry for the bad drawing a How many classes of DNA in respect to sequence complexity are found in this organism b What can you say about the relative complexity of each class What fraction of the genome falls into each class6List three 3 differences between prokaryotic Topoisomerase I and Gyrase7What are topological isomers of DNA8Explain the importance of DNA supercoiling for the cell survival9What are the differences between primary or secondary or tertiary structures of RNA and D
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