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BIOL359 Study Guide - Final Guide: Hyperbole, Pus, Exaggeration

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Jonathan Witt
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Egregarious outstandingly bad
Nefarious Evil
Imprecate Curse
Magnanimous Noble spirited; generous
Venerable Highly respected and revered
Inveterate Habitual; fled in habit
Prulent Relating to pus
Impecunious Poor
Hackneyed Ordinary; dull
Sanctimonious Holier-than-thou; exaggerated show of
Incorrigible Impossible to change
Histrionics Overdone emotion; overdramatic behavior
Hyperbole Exaggeration
Melodrama Exaggerated behavior or emotional
Nihilist a person who believes that nothing is
Salubrious Good for health
Iconoclast Somebody who challenges traditional
Stultify To diminish somebody’s interest of mind
by being repetitive, boring
Boor Rude; ill-mannnered
Indolent Lazy; not showing interest
Odious Hateful; extremely unpleasant
Percipiet Insightful
Convivial Having a pleasant demeanor
Hirsute Having lots of hair
Vituperation Outburst of abuse
Gregarious Very friendly or sociable
Ebullient Cheerful; lively
Perfervid Extremely passionate; enthusiastic
Pugnacious Very quarrelsome; argumentive
Salacious Having sexual content
Redolent Strongly suggestive / smelly
Transmogrify To grostequely change appearance (to
horrifying way)
Sycophant fawning flatterer (obsequiously flatters a
powerful person for personal gain)
Obsequious Eager to please or obey
Pedantic Overly concerned with formal rules and
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