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BIOL 361
Roland Hall

Assumptions that must be true to interpret the CI of a population mean1The subjects in the sample are randomly selected from the population or at least are representative of the population2The variable is distributed in the statistical population in a normal manner at least approximately3All subjects are from the same single population4Each subject has been selected independently of the othersif any assumption is violated the CI will be too optimistic too narrowAssumptions CI of Proportions1There are a fixed number of trials2The trials are independent3There are 2 categories of outcomes4The probabilities remain constant for each trial5The normal distribution can be used as an approximation to the distribution of sample proportionsAssumptions of Paired tTests1Subjects in the paired samples must be randomly selected from or at least representative of the larger statistical population2Samples must be paired or matched based on the experimental design decided before the data are collected3Each pair must be selected independently of the others4The distribution of the differences between the 2 populations must approximate a normal distribution if they depart radically from normal distributions use nonparametric testsWilcoxon signedrank testAssumptions of an unpaired tTest
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