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BIOL 371
Heidi Engelhardt

1Describe the respiratory strategies and the associated cardiovascular circuitry of amphibians such as the bull frogaRespiratory strategyiDiffusion of gases across all or most of the body surface accompanied by transport of gases in an internal circulatory system1Combination of cutaneous respiration external gills lungs bilobed2Ventilate lungs via buccal pumpbCardiovascular circuitryiHeart2 atria1 ventricle1Deoxygenated bloodaEmpties into sinus venosusright atriaventricle pulmocutaneous arteryskinlung2Oxygenated bloodaFrom lungleft atriaventricle aortatissues3Mixing can occuraTrabeculae attempts to keep deoxygenated blood from oxygenated blood2Describe the nervous circulatory and respiratory systems of a jellyfishaJellyfishcnidariaiNervous system1No brainno CNS2Has a nerve neta loose network of nervesiiCirculatory system1No circulatory systemaMuscle contractions used to pump water into gastrovascular cavity iiiRespiratory system1Bulk flow of watera O diffusion from seawater into cells of organism2bCO diffusion from cells out into seawater 23Skin breathing is used by several groups of vertebrates and invertebratesComparecontrast cutaneous respiratory strategies as used by frogs and earthwormsWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of skin breathing
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