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Heidi Engelhardt

Study Questions1Determination of the metabolic rate on a per gram basis allows a standardized comparison of the metabolic rates of a variety of animalsFor example the typical BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate of a human is around 1 calhgHow does this compare with that of the mouseWould you expect an elephants BMR to be higher or lowerThe mouse had a BMR of approx 10 calhg higher than that of humansElephants would be expected to have a BMR lower than humans less than 1 calhgSmall heated body equals lots of heat loss and greater need to metabolize energy to reproduce lost heat This heat loss is the related to the ratio of body mass to surface area Elephantlots of body mass with relatively little surface area where a smaller animal has little body mass to relatively greater surface area2Define the term Basal Metabolic RateAn individuals lowest metabolic rate ex when sleepingBasal metabolic rateO consumedday x kcalL metabolized of O223Measurement of the mouses metabolic rate in this exercise is based on the
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