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Heidi Engelhardt

Lab 1 Study Questions1List the events in sequence that occur between the striking of the patellar tendon and the extension of the leg pg 455Myotactic unit collection of pathways controlling a single jointMonosynaptic stretch reflex simplest reflex in a myotactic unit which involves only 2 neurons sensory neuron from the muscle spindle and the somatic motor neuron to the muscleWhen the patellar tendon is tapped with a small rubber hammer the tap stretches the quadriceps which runs up the front of the thighThis stretching activates muscle spindles and sends action potentials via the sensory fibers to the spinal cordThe sensory neurons branch in the spinal cord some sensory neurons synapse directly onto the motor neurons that innervate the quadriceps while others synapse on inhibitory interneuronsExcitation of the motor neurons cause the quadriceps to contract and inhibitory interneurons supress activity in the motor neurons controlling the hamstrings reciprocal inhibitionThis results in the contraction of the quadriceps and relaxation of the hamstrings allowing the lower leg to swing forward unopposed2If a normal stimulus does NOT bring about the expected response in a stretch reflex damage to a specific motor nerve or region of the spinal cord may be suspectedOn the other hand an abnormal Babinski response may indicate damage to the spinal cord at any levelWhyThis is because sensorymotor neurons synapse with specific regions of the spinal cord depending on what part of the body the stretch reflex occurs ex the patellar reflex synpases with the spinal cord at the level of L4However an abnormal Babinski response may indicate damage to the spinal cord at any level because the sensorymotor neurons synapses along multiple regions of the spinal cord not just at a specific region like in a stretch reflex1
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