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University of Waterloo
BIOL 449
Barry Mc Clinchey

Public Health Microbio: Lecture 4 Surveillance 1. Basically its observing, recognizing and reporting the diseases occurs in various levels of government and population systems. Basically useful to health care providers and reported by healtcare providers. The large scale ones have to be notifiable and reportable diseases 2. The method at which the government is able to declare what is on the surveillance list or like give information is through the weekly report of Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report (aka MMWR) it gives surveillance summaries, supplements, notifiable diseases as well as health stats and links& departments o ID the symptoms and the illness and etiological agent and method of transmission, experiments o Whatever diseases that are currently on the rise here and in the year how many reportable cases of what 3. On a smaller level of surveillance not all the diseases necessarily have to be on that "notifiable list". Id the index cases as well and the characteristics of the symptoms -- new strain with different characteristic? 4. National Centre for infection disease (NCID) has different surveillance systems that they take information from note that this is american: o Food borne outbreaks • EFORS • FoodNet • Pulse Net o Nosocomial outbreaks & health care worker occupational infection • ICARE • NNIS • NaSH • SEARCH o Bioterrorism • HAN • LRN • SAP 5. Canada has Public HealthAgency of Canada (PHAC) has their list of surveillances: o CCDR: Canadian Communicable Disease Report o Fluwatch • So basically what are the prevelant virus subtype this system H1N1 vs H3N2 vs H5N1 • What types of subtype are tested & the regions that are prevalent then province & territory o CNISP: Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program 6. Surveillance systems use new technology such as remote sensing (RS) & geographic information system (GIS) --> its map based tools to study distribution, dynamics of disease, relationship to environmental factors. RS is using satellite derived images to construct the m
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