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University of Waterloo
BIOL 462
Barry Warner

Restoration Returned from a disturbedtotally altered condition to a previously existing condition by some kind of human action It is not necessary to know what preexisting conditions were just need to know that wetland existed oNot necessary to return to pristineoriginal condition for restoration Two typesaPassive restoration natural processes are able to return to predisturbance state without direct human interferences bActive restorationhuman influences are required to return the wetland to some preexisting condition Creation Conversion of a nonwetland area into a wetland through human action ASSUMPTION site has never been a wetlandie in last 200 yearsnot restoration Two typesArtificalHuman Inducedexists only as long as there is continuous results from one time action by humans and persistence action by humans and persists on own without humans site would revert back to may be intentional or unintentional actions by nonwetland original conditionhumans EnhancementIt is the intentional alteration of an existing wetland to provide conditions which previously did not exist
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