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University of Waterloo
BIOL 483
Vivian Dayeh

BIOL 483 – Study Questions 1. What is animal cell culture?  The maintenance and growth of cells from animals in a man-made environment 2. Who developed cell culture and what did he do?  Ross Harrison in 1907  Cultured frog nerve cells using the ‘hanging drop’ technique and a lymph clot 3. What were the major findings of this research?  There were three major findings: o The cells in culture required a support for growth  anchor for cell attachment o The cells in culture required nutrients  these nutrients were derived from the lymph clot o The cells in culture grew slower than bacteria  there is a greater likelihood of contaminating the culture with bacteria due to slower growth of the cells 4. What is the basic equipment you need to culture animal cells?  There are four main requirements: o Sterile environment to manipulate cultures o Proper culture environment to support cell growth o Nutrient environment to support cell growth o Appropriate physical support  Minimum basic equipment: o Cabinet o Incubator o Centrifuge o Microscope (inverted) 5. The n
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