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UWBIOL130Heidi EngelhardtFall

BIOL130 Study Guide - Final Guide: Theodor Schwann, Robert Hooke, Cell Theory

OC53748843 Page
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UWBIOL130Dragana MiskovicWinter

BIOL130 Study Guide - Final Guide: Endosome, Membrane Transport Protein, Cell Membrane

OC2659184 Page
Oxford tutorial question: you are an amino acid in the lumen of the small intestine. You are looking at transporter proteins protruding from the apical
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UWBIOL239Christine DupontWinter

BIOL239 Study Guide - Final Guide: Dihybrid Cross, Allele Frequency, Genotype Frequency

OC1748531 Page
Phenotype - observable characteristic (largely determined by genotype). Monohybrid cross matings between individuals that only differ in one trait. All
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UWBIOL303Dragana MiskovicWinter

BIOL 303 - ALL study questions.docx

OC44651103 Page
We hope you have achieved your goals and learned valuable from this course. Link to biol 208 google doc from spring term. Link to biol 308 google doc f
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UWBIOL308Bruce WolffFall

Biol308 Entire Study Questions that you will need to know

OC13602648 Page
Isolate genomic clone, sequence it, and determine amino acid sequence. This sequence can be compared with that of the healthy organisms to deduce prote
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UWBIOL130Bryce PickardFall

Biology 130 Study notes These are notes I took while studying.

OC1759640 Page
What are the three strands that make up cell biology. Viruses- are bits of nucleic acids with a protein coat, inert outside cells. Virods r circular rn
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UWBIOL273Bruce WolffWinter

BIOL273 Study Guide - Final Guide: Resting Potential, Membrane Potential, Dendritic Cell

OC1785537 Page
The methods of communicating through the cell: nervous system, endocrine system. The cytoplasm of the nerve cells has a negative charge in comparison t
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UWBIOL273LBruce WolffWinter

BIOL273L Study Guide - Final Guide: Resting Potential, Lumbriculus Variegatus, Oscilloscope

OC1782912 Page
Lab #1: generation of electrical potentials by an artifical. Hans ussing chamber permeable to cations like na+ and k+ but not anions like. V=0. 199*t*l
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UWBIOL308Dragana MiskovicFall

BIOL308 Final: Biol 308 questions & answers.pdf

OC11706175 Page
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UWBIOL240Josh NeufeldFall


OC1864257 Page
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UWBIOL273LVivian DayehWinter

BIOL273L Quiz: Bio 273L Quiz Questions Lab #1-5

OC4115666 Page
Na+ and k+ move through the membrane and anions like cl and i- cannot move in the using chamber. In the living neuron, na+ cannot freely move through t
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UWBIOL273LBruce WolffSpring

BIOL273L Study Guide - Final Guide: Cerebral Hypoxia, Valsalva Maneuver, Surface Tension

OC24009310 Page
Generation of electrical potentials by an artifical membrane. Rmp arises because the cell membrane is more permeable to some ions than others. Na+ more
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