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CHE102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Partial Pressure, Gas Constant, Ideal Gas Law

Chemical Engineering
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Perry Chou
Study Guide

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CHE 102 Final Notes
One mol of a compound means that there is 6.022*10^23 atoms of that compound
o Periodic table shows us the grams/mol of each element (very useful for solving
For unit conversions a method is to list it in the following manner (example converting 100m/s
to km/h):
o 
 
 
o The unit meters and seconds would cancel out and we are left with hours and
Classification of matter
o Pure Substance (can’t e separated y physial proess)
Compound (2 or more elements)
Elements (on periodic table)
o Mixture (can be separated by physical process
Homogeneous (one phase)
Heterogeneous (multiple phases)
1amu = 1g/NA = 1/6.022*10^23 g (NA=avogadro’s uer)
Empirical + Molecular formulas
o Empirical formula shows us partial information, telling us relative number of atoms in a
molecule and many diff substances may have same empirical formula
o Molecular formula shows us actual # of atoms in a molecule
o i.e molecular formula of hexane -> C6H12 and empirical -> CH2
o Molecular formula can be obtained from empirical if we know molecular mass
The chemical equation
o Describes changes which occur in chemical rxn
o Must be balanced
o Only shows overall changes, does not show steps in between
Stoichiometric calculations
o Shows us proportions of products and reactants in a chemical rxn
o Example -> CH4 + 2O2 -> CO2 +2H2O
Chemical rxn in solution
o Solutions composed of solvents (largest amount) and solutes (smaller amount than
solvent) and are homogeneous with uniform property
o   
o 
o 
o Percentage -> volume/volume (v/v), mass/volume (w/v), mass/mass (w/w)
Limiting reactant is reactant which runs out first if rxn proceeds to completion, other reactants
are excess
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