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Chem 120 Practice Final

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CHEM 120
Carey Bissonnette

University of WaterlooFinal Examination FALL TERMCourse Number CHEM 120 Course Title Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter Sections 001 002 003 004 005 Instructors C Bissonnette S Forsey D Gilbert T McMahonDate of Exam tba Time Period tba Duration of Exam 3 hoursNote Your exam is only 2hours Number of Exam Pages 17 including the CoverData sheets Exam Type Closed book Additional Materials Allowed CalculatorStudent NameG i v e n n a m esS u r n a m eStudent ID NumberSignatureINSTRUCTIONS1 Calculators are permitted Laptop or notebook computers are not permitted 2 This examination booklet and the Data Sheet must be returned 3 Attempt all 30 questionsEach question is worth 3 marks Part marks may be awarded Do NOT write in this box6910 6 1718625266 12 34611126 1920627286613146 2122629306 56 78615166 23246CHEM 120 Sample exam questions Page 2 of 17 reacts with oxygen O to give carbon dioxide CO and water HOIf1 Methane CH422216 grams of methane and 32 grams of oxygen react until one of the reactants is completely consumed and 11 grams of carbon dioxide are produced then what is the percent yield of carbon dioxide in this reactionyield of CO 22 A compound contains only the elements carbon and hydrogen When a 1000g sample ofand 0899 g HO are obtained this compound is burned in excess oxygen 3296 g CO22What is the empirical formula of this compound Empirical formula
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