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Study Guides for CHEM209 at University of Waterloo

Introductory Spectroscopy and Structure

CHEM209 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Statistical Weight, Bond Length, Trigonal Planar Molecular Geometry

CHEM 209 Main Concepts Selection Rule: n is unrestricted, l = +/- 1 for symmetry reasons, ml = 0, +/- 1 - Conservation of angular momentum and symmetry give rise to selecti...

Scott Hopkins
CHEM209 Study Guide - Final Guide: Matter Wave, Louis De Broglie, Johannes Rydberg

Unit 1 – Spectroscopic Theory Dr. W. Scott Hopkins Fall 2012 CHEM 209 Unit 1 – Spectroscopic Theory W. S. Hopkins What is spectroscopy? Spectroscopy is the ...

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