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CHEM 237
Heidi Engelhardt

1Which enzyme of the citric acid cycle resembles pyruvate dehydrogenase aketogluterate dehydrogenase 2Going from acetylCoASuccinate why is the cycle not considered completebc oxaloacetate used must be regenerated 3Which enzyme is not freely solubleSuccinate dehydrogenase 4Where does the citric cycle occurenzymatic steps occur within mito5Plants use glyocylate cycleto convert acetyl CoA into glucose precursors 6Which 2 enzymes are allosterically inhibited by ATPIsocitrate dehydrogenateaketogluterate dehydrogenase7Intermediates in citric acid cycleaketogluterateoxaloacetate 8Anaplerotic reactionto replenish delpleted intermediates 9Where is the electron transoport chain proteins locatedbound to inner mito membrane10What indicates a compound that will donate e A NEGATIVE delta F111ATPfrom thioster 12O2not directly involved but required to generate FADNAD1Which complexes involved in creating a proton gradientComplex III cyto bc1Complex IV cyto C2What are mobilediffusible e carriers in ETCUbiquinoneCytochrome C3Role of SuperOxide Dimutasecatalyzes conversion of 2O2 H O2 H2O24During cellular respiration where does pH become more acidic due to protonspH decreases in intermembrane space 5Direction of Proton movementpumps protons out of matrix while protons reenter through ATP synthase ATP is produced in matrix6ATP synthase mechanismpH gradient causes aspartic acid to pronate and powers rotation of C ring7Net ATP molecules produced upon reoxidation NADH and FADH2 25 ATPNAD15 ATPFAD8Glycogen molecule has 2 linkagesa14 broken by glycogen phosphorylasea16 not broken9Glycogen phosphorylase enzymeforms glucose 1 phosphate 10Why does liver contain glucose 6phasphate and not musclesbc liver maintains blood glucose levels11Glycogen degradation in musclestimulated by Epinephrine
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